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Men's boxer pants gift box

Men's boxer pants gift box

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Main fabric composition: cotton

A: Group 1A (mature model)
B: Group 2C (mature model)
C: Group 4F (mature model)
D: Group 7I (mature model)
Group E: 13P (Trend)
F: Group 14Q (Trend)
G: Group 16V (Trend)
H: 18 Combination Eight (Trend)
I: 19 Combination Six (Trend Style)
J: Combination fifteen
K: 20 Combination Seven (Trend Style)
L: 21 Combination Five (Trend Style)
M: Combination two (mixed models)
N: Combination nine (mature model)
O: Combination three (mixed models)

  Waist stretch  64-73  68-80  72-87  76-94
  Waist  1.8-2.0 feet  2.1-2.3 feet  2.4-2.6 feet  2.7-2.9 feet
  body weight  90-105kg  110-130kg  130-150kg  150-180kg
  height  170  175  180  185

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