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Imitation Rose Soap Flower Immortality Flower Birthday Gift

Imitation Rose Soap Flower Immortality Flower Birthday Gift

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Product information:

Material: Soap flower
Craft: Handmade
Type: Bouquet
Varieties: Rose, Carnation

Bag size: 40x15cm

Product description:
Soap flower, a kind of soap material made into thin slices by special production process, is rich in germicidal ingredients, which can effectively clean bacteria on hands; Skin cleaning products containing active decontamination factor, tea tree oil and other highly effective anti-inflammatory ingredients can completely replace ordinary soap, facial cleanser, facial cleanser, etc., and can be completely dissolved in water. Containing active decontamination factor, decontamination, cleaning and sterilization can be completed at one time; Convenient to carry and take at any time; It contains natural plant essential oil, which can quickly and effectively penetrate into the skin, play a role in sterilization and moisturizing the skin. The raw materials used are all food grade, safe and non-toxic; It can effectively inhibit the growth of harmful bacteria. Paper soap has the characteristics of easy to use, easy to carry, fresh and pleasant fragrance, and beautiful appearance. It is beginning to be loved by more and more people.

Packing list:

1* Bouquet

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