How to choose the right men's watch ?

How to choose the right men's watch ?


A watch is a must-have accessory in a man's look, as it can transform an everyday look into a more formal one in minutes. When you invest your money in an expensive or cheap watch, you want it to be the right one for you and suit you. How to choose which watch to get, How to choose a watch?

The secret is to find a men's watch that feels comfortable in your hand. It should fit loosely around your wrist so it doesn't leave marks when you take it off.

What you should pay attention to when buying a watch! How to choose a watch?
1. Clock size

2. Size of the wrist

Another factor to consider when choosing a watch is your wrist size. Obviously, if you have a larger wrist you should size up the watch, and if you have a smaller one then a large watch will look really ugly. How to choose a watch?

Measure your wrist with a tape measure or a strip of paper just below the wrist bone where you usually wear the strap.

If you are using a strip of paper, mark the size with a pencil or pen, then measure the length with a ruler.

To find your strap size, simply add your wrist size with the measurements below:  
Tips to choose the right watch size
Think about how tight or loose you want your watch to be.
If the strap is too thin, make sure it is tight enough.
If you have a larger wrist, it would be good to choose a wider strap.
If you have a smaller wrist, choose a small strap.
Stainless steel and precious metals are heavier than straps made of silicone and leather.
As for dial thickness, the industry considers 6-8mm thin, 8-12mm medium, and 14-18mm wide.
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